Business Health Questionnaire


Free Business Health Check

Find out how healthy your business is with this free Business Health Questionaire.....


Do you have a Crystal Clear Vision for your Business?
Do you have a strategy for achieving success?
Do you have a magic number (the amount after tax you want to earn from running your business)?
Is there enough time in your day to get work done?
Are you able to spend quality time with the people you care about?

Does your business have a cash-flow forecast/Financial Plan?
Have I priced my products and/or services adequately to cover costs and make a reasonable profit?
Are you keeping up with all your obligations ie BAS and Super /Suppliers
Do any of my customers owe me money?
Is your business continually reliant on overdraft or other financing facilities?

Do you have a clear detailed message so customers know who you are and what you stand for?
Do you have a marketing plan and budget?
Do you correspond regularly with your clients/customers?
Do you regularly network and seek other opportunities to meet with prospective clients?
Do you measure the results of your marketing program?
SYSTEMS (Operations)

Do you have a business plan?
How organised are your companies systems and procedures?
Do you use technology where possible to automate some of the business?
What accounting systems are in place?
How do you test and measure the performance of the different business units within your business?

Are your personal assets protected from business failure?
Is your business set up to legally minimise the total household tax you pay?
Can your business survive if you or a business partner aren't able to continue working through death or disablement?

Are you protecting your business name?
Do you comply with the latest privacy regulations?
Do your terms and conditions comply with the latest legal requirements?
Are your employment agreements legal?

I know what I want my ideal life to be
I have a realistic plan for success to create my ideal life
How confident are you that you can achieve your ideal life?

How important is the success of your business in creating your ideal life?
How confident are you in your ability to build success in your business?
Will the business help you to achieve your ideal life in the future?
Is the day-to-day operation of your business part of your ideal liferight now




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